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                          Thin-wall injection molding premixing agent

                          Product introduction: It is compound premixing agent of crystallization synergist and antioxygen. It is used to improve transparency, crystallization property, rigidity and surface gloss of homo-polypropylene and polypropylene randon copolymer.

                          Product properties: white solid particle, non-poisonous

                          Product index:

                          Item Parameters
                          Appearance White stripe particle
                          Fine powder less than 30mesh ≤5.0
                          Volatile matter (105±2)℃, % ≤0.50
                          Primary antioxygen % 10-25
                          Auxiliary antioxygen % 20-30
                          Crystallization synergist  % 20-40
                          Acid-acceptor % 10-20

                          Product uses:

                          It is used to improve demoulding speed, stiffness shock resistance of polypropylene articles, to improve rate of finished product and production efficiency.


                          Should be preserved in ventilated, dry and cool place to avoid moisture, light and heat

                          Packed with standard paper can lined with aluminum film bag

                          Net weight: 25kg or on demand


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