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                          Nucleating agent TH-5005

                          Product introduction: It is polyolefin organic salt type modified nucleating agent. It has excellent comprehensive mechanical property, heat stability, chemical inertness, high dispersing property.

                          Product index:

                          Item Unit Quality index
                          Appearance -- White powder
                          Melting point ≥280.0
                          Loss on drying (105℃±3℃) ≤1.0
                          Bulk density  g/cm3 % 0.2-0.4

                          Product uses:

                          It is used to improve glossiness, rigidity, flexural modulus and tensile strength of polypropylene product. It also improves distortion temperature and size stability, shortens molding cycle and promotes production efficiency.

                          Packaging: Should be preserved in ventilated, dry and cool place to avoid moisture, light and heat

                          Be packed with paper can lined with PE plastic bag

                          Net weight:15kg



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